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France Scope MP
represents a dynamic and modern expression of house-cleaning tools production.

France Scope MP manufactures and sells :

• a complete range of classic cleaning tools , brooms and mops for example, in a wide variety of shapes, colours and materials all easy to use with simple and modern design.

• a wide range of modern and innovative cleaning tools, cotton or microfiber cloths, dusters and antibacterial cloths for example, all using carefully selected materials and technology.

R&D unit focuses on keeping the range of house-cleaning tools produced by France Scope MP dynamically up-to-date, focusing on researching and testing innovative materials and production techniques, with the greatest attention to picking up and fulfilling consumer trends , tastes and preferences .

France Scope MP srl
Via G. Matteotti 408

If you want to get in touch with our staff please call us on +39.0573.838610 or on
+39.0573.859019 or send a fax to +39.0573.859921
If you wish to write please send an e-mail to info@francescope.it or use our form .

Don't hesitate to discover all the details of our production, we'll be glad to give you detailed information about all our products and services.

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